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Types of Navajo Rugs

Two Grey Hill Style of Navajo Rugs
Diamond pattern with black, white,gray and natural reddish brown wool.
Teec Nos Pos Style of Navajo Rugs
Many different colors and any pattern other than a diamond. Usually with a fancy woven border

Ganado Red Style of Navajo Rug
Same pattern as a Two Gray Hill rug but red
is substitute for brown
Pictorial Navajo Rug
Woven visions of the Navajo world
as seen through the eyes of the Navajo

Outline Style of Navajo Rugs
A thin line of contrasting color between two
different patterns

Storm Style of Navajo Rugs
The central pattern is a big X or H
Germantown Style of Navajo Rugs
Rug designs that developed after the Chief patterns
Chief Style of Navajo Rugs
Patterns based upon wearing blankets used during the turn of the century
Yei Style of Navajo Rugs  
Spirit figures from Navajo sand paintings woven into the rug
Sandpainting Style of Navajo Rugs
Woven copies of ceremonial designs used in healing rituals
Newlands Navajo Rug
A combination of Teec Nos Pos pattern, Newlands colors and a raised outline design
Burntwater Style of Navajo Rug
Diamond pattern with pastel vegetal colors
Wide Ruin Style Navajo Rug Horizontal bands of pattern using natural wool yarns that have been dyed using plants to obtain the color    

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